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    Get a Free 3 Day/2 Night Vacation Certificate For Las           Vegas or Your Choice of 25 Other Resort Destinations

               All You Have to Do is Become an Affiliate 

Yes, it's that simple.  You signup right now for one of the finest medical affiliate programs  on the Internet and we'll give you a free vacation.

Here's the vacation deal - You get 3 days and 2 nights hotel accomodations in the resort destination of your choice, whether its Las Vegas or Orlando (click here for 24 more choices), and all you have to pay is $15 to redeem the vacation certificate and the room taxes ($21.95 total).

What's the catch?  Absolutely nothing.  You don't have to buy anything.   You don't have to attend some stupid time share presentation.  All you have to do is enjoy your vacation.  You have no cost or commitment other than the $15 and the room taxes.  For many of the vacations, you'll also receive a great coupon book full of freebies, discounts and special offers.  For example, the book for Las Vegas is worth $1,748.

How can we make this fabulous offer?  What can I say - we're good!  We've negotiated a tremendous deal with a large travel agency.  This agency specializes in filling rooms in hotels during their off days.  The hotels don't make any money from empty rooms.  Since it costs them just a few dollars to clean a room, they'd rather have you in it and maybe make some money from you in their restaurants or shops.  You might even like it so much that you stay a few extra days or plan your next vacation there.

What are you worried about anyway?  We're giving you this vacation absolutely free when you sign up and become an affiliate.

Signup right now and we'll send you your free vacation certificate immediately by e-mail. 
Privacy Statement:  We maintain confidential records of your information.

    We do not sell or otherwise provide your information to anyone else.

Enjoy your vacation!

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