Membership Information

    The Faith International Ministry is  Non-denominational,  Web-based Ministry.
    Membership is available to anyone who has accepted Christ as their Savior. Members are encouraged
    to seek ordination, and spread the word of God as I am.

   The Faith International Ministry solicits no tithes from its members. Any contributions are on a
   voluntary basis. This is a new Ministry, and we need a lot of help. but the one thing we all have is
   the love for God. With that we can move mountains.

   We also need member volunteers to assist with our counciling via E-Mail.
   If you'd like to be a part of this exciting Ministry send your full  name,
   preferred e-mail address, and a brief statement of faith stating that you have accepted
   Jesus Christ as your Savior.

   If you're joining us from outside of the United States,
   please include your country in your request.
  We're pleased to accept members from all over the world.

 Please use the form below to submit your membership request.

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