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UK Family and Friends Relocated

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   E-Mail: jwoody@category5.net

Adoption cases * Unknown descendants of a common ancestor * Lost loves *  *Missing family members * School friends * Pen friends *

Missing people, relatives, friends, or persons are all found here at UK Research. We pride ourselves in our ability to find missing people, relatives, friends, persons, and any other person you're looking for. We can help you to locate your missing people, relatives, friends, persons, or any other people that you may have thought to be missing forever, quickly and easily through the power of the Internet. Contact us today and we'll locate your missing people, relatives, friends, persons, or anyone else you need to find now! Fast, easy, confidential, and guaranteed

 Our concept is straightforward. Simply forward details of the person  you wish to locate and an $80.00  retainer fee, (US $ check or Money order).
We shall then work to our utmost to locate the missing person within 6 weeks.
In return you  Pay $320.00 or  £195 (UK Pounds) by credit card or cheque if we find the person you are seeking      within this period. If we do not, You pay absolutely nothing more .We use standard methods of locating people, Electoral Roll, Credit Reports, Drivers Lic. ,Mothers Genealogy, Several Data Bases of the Government.

We find it   more effective to talk over the details of the person you wish to locate on the telephone  wherever

We Get Results!

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