Offices in :  US  and  London

All Enquiries to : RT 5  BOX 1024  Starke, Florida  32091

Telephone USA. 1-904-964-3141

E-mail  jwoody@category5.net


Regardless of how long ago you lost touch with family and friends the chances are that we can relocate them for you and, if required, we can make that initial re-introduction for you.

Our agents have been searching for, and finding missing persons with a high success rate.

We have the facilities and ability to trace people using both commercial and our own databases and by combining instinct with the good detective work we get results.

Our charges are only partly paid before we start a search and the remainder only becomes payable when we have successfully completed an assignment.

Once we take on a case you will be kept informed of the progress being made but right from the outset we will advise you what we consider the chances being of successful.

For missing family members or friend we have probably the most cost effective service available.

To discuss your case please telephone 1-904-964-3141

or email us at : jwoody@category5.net

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