Terms & Conditions.

   1)    We located Missing persons working on an $80.00 retainer. Agreement must be given by the customer
           giving  the commission to the company, Chaldon Web Ltd., at the outset a $ 80.00 retainer is collected in advance,
           and the balance of the commission to pay £195 or us $320.00 should the missing person specified be located within
           six  weeks of the agreement. A representative of the company will telephone the customer to obtain details of the
           commission and to obtain the verbal undertaking to pay this sum.
          At the end of the 6 week period, if the missing person has not been located but the company feel that progress is being
          made, an extension may be requested for a further 6 weeks, which may be granted or refused as the customer wishes.
          If at the end of 6 weeks and the missing person has not been located and the customer does not wish to grant an
          extension then the agreement will be terminated at no cost to the customer.

   2)    If the missing person is located and put in touch with the customer then the sum of £195 becomes immediately due
          and must be paid by cheque, credit card, bankers order or cash within 15 days of receipt of the company’s report and
           invoice. Customers outside the UK will be given an alternative local currency rate for cheque payments. Failure to pay
          outstanding accounts may result in your debt being passed to a local collection agency and could ultimately affect your
          ability to obtain credit in the future.

   3)    All telephone conversations with the company are recorded at all times to protect the interests of the company and the
          customer. All tapes are kept for a minimum of 60 days after the end of the commission.

   4)    Certificates are charged at the published rate. With the exact reference or exact dates supplied the amount becomes
           due on delivery of certificates and invoice. Payment must be made within 15 days. Credit card payments with not be
           collected until after dispatch. If certificates cannot be located from the information given by the customer no charge will
           be made.

   5)     Searches at the Family Records Centre (FRC) will be carried out as specified by the customer. Results will be Emailed
           or posted to the customer, at which time payment becomes due at the rates specified.