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Dr. Joseph Wooden, Pastor

Trying To Take The Confusion Out Of Life"

Have you ever had one of those dreams that is so confusing and frustrating where everything seemed to go wrong? You wondered if you would get to a meeting on time and there were so many road blocks, so to speak. And every time you thought you were almost there it was as if the place of the meeting was changed and now you had to walk farther and you knew you would never get there until you were about a half hour late?

It's times like this that you need to really pray and ask God for guidance. Sometimes I wonder though if just praying to get rid of the confusion in life is the best thing. Try praying for somebody else that is having problems in their life. I mean, think about it. I remember hearing many times that if you are looking for the love of your life that you won't find that person. But when you least expect it, that is when that person comes along. Why is that, do you suppose? Is it because the solution to the problem is the hardest to solve when we are trying the hardest to solve it?

Have you ever been on a pedal boat? You ride it like a bicycle and the paddles under the boat propel you through the water. If you have ridden one you might have noticed that the harder you paddle does not mean you will go the fastest. The drag on the boat will actually slow you down a bit. So if you go at a normal pace you can often go faster than if you turn those paddles as fast as you can. At least that has been my experience as my parents owned one when we had a house fronting a harbor. It would seem that as we experience life more that the harder we try to do certain things in life we actually will go slower than if we go with the flow. The opposite may be true for other tasks. So the trick is what do you do that will make you get what you want faster, try to propel yourself faster or just go with the flow?

Maybe that is the answer to life. Think about all the things you have done in your life that no matter how hard you tried it just didn't happen for you. Now think about all the things that happened to you when you just decided to go with the flow. Is there a big difference? Now I am not saying the that people should quit when the going gets tough. That is a time when you really need to pray and ask God for guidance. No matter what you do in life include God in your plans and He will help you in ways you never thought possible. But what do you do when you try really hard and things just don't happen for you? Maybe it is a time to let things develop and see where you go.

But the thing is that in today's world everybody wants what they want, right now without having to wait for what they want. And I think that is why there are so many lonely people despite the fact that the world has grown a lot during our lifetime. Why are there so many lonely people. Sometimes it may because we want what we want with the least amount of effort. You have heard the saying, "That special someone is not going to come to your door and ring the doorbell and ask you to marry them, it just doesn't work that way." Now I am sure that probably has worked for someone at one point of history, but the chances are astronomical in favor of it not happening. So some effort is needed to get yourself out there, so to speak. You need to find some avenue in your life where you are around others that are also looking for that special someone, and who knows it may be you. But what about the people who have that special someone and they wonder, "where do I go from here?" That is a question that is best to ask God about. The guidance He can give you will help you at each leg or step in your life. At each fence you come to in life, God will help you to decide whether you need to jump over it or climb over it. And all you have to do is ask God and He will help you decide.

Dear Lord, there are many fences, so to speak, in my life right now that I need to figure out whether I need to leap over them or climb over them. Please help me to make the right decision. Also help me to think about others in my life and pray to you to help them. I know I can be selfish sometimes, always wanting what I want and sometimes or maybe even a lot of times, not really thinking about others. At these times, please remind me of what a relationship with you can mean to the solutions in my life. I thank you for all your many blessings. Amen.


Now, Lord, Bless us in our daily lives. Help us to smell the roses whenever possible, to shine our light on those less fortunate than us, and lead us in the path we should go. For you are the light that keeps our path well lit. Help us to follow it, until we meet you, in a land where milk and honey abound, a place where our most wonderful dreams are fulfilled. Amen.


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